Hi! I'm Simon (...that's me in the picture)

Solopreneur, Freelance WordPress Ninja & Graphic Guru

I’m a Solopreneur, Freelance WordPress Ninja, Graphic Guru & owner of SRH Design, based in Bangor, Northern Ireland. You could call me a Full Stack Designer. I’ve been designing & building websites since 1999 and I’ve been freelancing since 2009, working with clients throughout the UK & Ireland.

I’m passionate about design & the people I work with. Constantly researching, training & learning new skills. I help businesses & individuals get online, market their product or service to a wide audience & grow their brand.

I was part of the founding Event Team and Volunteer Team for the first ever WordCamp Belfast. My role along with two other core team members was to organise and establish the first ever WordCamp in Northern Ireland.

Ninja Skills & Graphical Goodness

  • Custom WordPress Design
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Training
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Specialised in WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Product SEO
  • eCommerce Consultancy
  • WordPress Support Plans
  • Monthly & Yearly Options
  • No Contract
  • Backups & Security
  • Brand Design
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Advice
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Network Specific
  • Social Media Tools Training

Clients Helped

Websites Built

Pro Bono Clients

Side Projects

Workshops Delivered

Consultation & Advice

I am focused on building client relationships that are founded on mutual trust and respect. As a result, all my work is referral based from satisfied clients, who value my dedication to their individual projects and continuous support. I provide consultation and advice on a variety of areas such as:

  • Social Media
  • Digital Strategy
  • Branding
  • User experience
  • Bespoke Design

Backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience, I can help you develop your business identity, social media strategy and digital footprint. Check out my Twitter for some FREE tips & advice

What is a Full Stack Designer?

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Registered Member: ukwda_rgb_web

I have volunteered with Young Enterprise for over 18 months helping develop the entrepreneurs of the future. I have worked with:

  • Bangor Grammar School – Company Programme
  • St. Columbanus College – Quick Start Programme
  • Regent House Grammar School – Industry Masterclass
  • Bangor Grammar School – Digital Masterclass
  • Glenlola Collegiate School – Digital Masterclass

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