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Welcome to SRH Design.

2020 – 2021 has been…well…[insert your own feelings here].

However, there have been lots of positives for me. Not only did I become the first Mailchimp Partner in Ireland and Northern Ireland but I reached a new eCommerce milestone.

My clients have now generated over £2 million in sales online.

2022 Updates

My 2022 updates are coming soon, I promise. Not like I have been promising for years, this time, I actually promise.

Apple iOS 15 and Email Marketing

Apple unveiled the new iOS 15 with new privacy features that will affect email marketing.

I have created a public Google doc to keep you all updated on the impact and what you can do now. It’s almost 70 pages long and I recently hit a milestone of v3.0 for doc which you will find incredibly helpful and full of value.

(Doc last updated: December 21st, 2021 v3.3

Watch My Doofinder Webinar

This webinar will walk you through the instant benefits Doofinder can bring to your website and some of my favourite features.

One of the biggest weaknesses of WordPress and WooCommerce is Search. With Doofinder, not only will it take WooCommerce Product Search to the next level and increase sales, but it will have no impact on your WordPress database or website speed as Doofinder does all the heavy lifting!


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